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About Us:

Wilcox Steel is dedicated to the following Vision and Mission Statements:


The Vision of Wilcox Steel is to establish and perpetuate itself as a world class steel company with diversification in products and customers.  The company and its team will focus on building a winning reputation as a high quality leading edge manufacturer dedicated to servicing customer and market demands.

Mission Statement:

The Mission of Wilcox Steel is a team concept whereby all employees, with management, will work towards building a company focused on customer satisfaction, fairness in the work environment, and long term profitability.

Doing business with Wilcox Steel:

Often the question is asked, “Why should we do business with your company?”, to which we provide the following answers to this important question:

  1. Service to our customers will be the best, the absolute best, in the industry, including 1) the highest on-time delivery percentage through-out the cold drawn steel bar industry, and 2) Rapid-Response to your needs.
  2. Our goal is a No Excuses approach to doing business.  Our team will work harder than anyone to give customers complete satisfaction.
  3. Pricing is always competitive – we want to earn your business.
  4. Quality is a function of good equipment, experienced people and a cooperative environment -- Wilcox Steel has all three in place.
  5. Lastly, we strive to make business easy for you.  Our goal is to treat every customer and vendor as a highly valued partner for the long term.

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