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Cold Drawn Steel Bar

            From our modern cold drawn steel bar manufacturing plant, Wilcox Steel supplies bars in the following general size ranges for carbon and alloy bars:

Rounds    3/16"  to  1" 
.187  to  1.000

Bars available in:
Decimal Dimensions
Metric Dimensions
Custom Lengths

Squares 1/4"  to  1/2"
.25  to  .5
Hexagons 1/4"  to 3/4"
.250  to  .750


Carbon 10XX 11LXX 12XX 13XX  
Free Machining 12XX 12LXX      
Alloy 41XX 41LXX 43XX 86XX 86LXX

Also Available in leaded grades.
Other Grades Available upon request.

Value Added Services

            A full range of value added services are available from Wilcox Steel.  Each order is based on the customers’ specific needs.  This may involve one or all of the following:



            Wilcox Steel has an alliance with a prominent commercial carrier to deliver promptly to any area.